Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Special Education in Public Schools

     Whether a school is good or bad is hard to determine, and it seems impossible to find the perfect school. There will always be something wrong, a certain teacher, student, or the classes themselves. What about the special education programs? The schools don't have therapists waiting around for a differently-abled child to apply to the school. Public schools have special education programs which entail taking the students out of their classes and separating them from the rest of the students for a certain amount of time.  If a child is being pulled out of class every day for 'special ed' then that's how some students will diversify him/her from the rest of the students. How does that promote social interaction and integration with the other kids?

      However not having special education in the schools would not help the problem either. Some children really need that extra help throughout the day. And when there is no special education system in the school, and the school does not recognize the student's needs, things become worse. For example, just recently, a 7 year old child was charged with battery for punching his teacher. This child has autism, ADHD, obsessional defiant disorder , and audio-schizophrenia. This child has a care plan or behavioral plan that the school was ordered to follow; this would have contained things like what to do when the child throws a fit or gets upset. The members of staff deviated from the behavior plan; they had been told that when he got upset they were to leave him alone and were not to go near him. "Instead, a teacher took the child's arm to pull him up from the floor, where he was on his back and kicking." The Mother says that a teacher "provoked him and then [the boy] punched her and now [he] has battery charges."(source
      Now, it would possibly be understandable, if the child had been 18 about to leave the school and had punched a teacher for no reason. But this was a 7 year old boy, there could have been a number of things that "provoked" him, however despite any of those reasons, the teachers knew that the child had conditions such as autism, ADHD, and ODD, and still knew that there was a care plan put in place and knew what it was, and still disobeyed. And, if the teacher had not known that the child was differently-abled, and had not seen the care plan, then that is another problem with the school. 
     And this is not the only case where this has happened, in Febuary of 2012 a 5 year old boy with ADHD was charged with battery on an officer. The school had a police officer come to the school building and talk to the child about his bad behavior; when the police officer entered the room the child became scared and hit the officer. In April, 2012, a 6 year old boy was charged with battery for kicking his principal.  
    So what are we to do? By having full special education in schools, the students are diversified, and separated, making it impossible to be completely integrated into society with the other kids. But without special education students do not get the proper care that they need and deserve. And if you have it balanced, with a care plan for the student and a teacher's aid in the room, it seems to get worse, to the point where a 5, 6, and 7 year old are arrested. 
What do you think should happen with the special education in schools? 

7 year old charged with battery:
6 year old charged with battery:
5 year old arrested and charged with battery:

[These views are generalized, and do not apply to all schools. Your school's special education system may be awesome. If so, please email us about how awesome it is and why: ]

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